Blue Buffalo and the Helen Woodward Animal Center launched a program for shelters and rescues to submit their 2020 adoption goals and offered incentives to meet these goals.

SOCA’s 2020 goal was a big stretch! 60% increase over last year’s adoption rates.
Dogs 262
Puppies 229
Cats 158
Kittens 305

We exceeded our goals for puppies (256 adoptions) and for kittens (310 adoptions). We fell a little short on our goals for dogs (235) and cats (150) – but we came really close to those stretch goals.

None of this could have happened without the outstanding community support that SOCA has had. We thank current and past foster and adoption families, our volunteers, and donors for your support. It is through your amazing efforts and generosity that we were able to save and find homes for almost 1,000 dogs and cats in 2020.