SOCA Adoptables

Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County

SOCA – FBC is a non-profit, 501c3 organization run solely by volunteers dedicated to saving and improving the lives of companion animals. 

SOCA Adoptables

Our Mission

Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County (SOCA-FBC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. SOCA-FBC is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of companion animals and promoting responsible pet ownership in Fort Bend County, TX. Our 100% volunteer organization helps sick/injured animals, urgent or needy shelter pets, and community animals needing to be re-homed. We render assistance to our local shelters. We believe that becoming a community that cares for its pets starts with Education, Assistance and Accountability. We rely 100% on contributions from the public and your generous support in providing foster homes for the pets in need.

Help us support homeless dogs and cats during the pandemic

The first $1,000 of your donations will be matched by GoFundMe Charity.

Because area shelters have severely restricted intake of animals and/or closed during the pandemic, we are receiving  significantly more intakes.  More residents are turning to us for help when they find stray or injured animals.  Since March our intakes have tripled.

Thank you to these organizations who are helping SOCA through this challenging time with generous donations!

Thank you to our supporters and to these foundations who generously donated, so that we can launch our new transport program!

Houston PetSet

Petco Foundation

Petfinder Foundation

PEDIGREE Foundation

Our van will transport dogs and cats from Ft. Bend Co. to adoption events in other parts of the country, where rescue animals are in higher demand. Without our own van, we’ve only been able to move up to 3 animals a year. With our own van, we can now save an estimated 120 animals a year.

You can purchase a t-shirt through Amazon to support SOCA-FBC at any time. Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile, and select us as your charity. New designs will be added periodically.