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Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County

SOCA – FBC is a non-profit, 501c3 organization run solely by volunteers dedicated to saving and improving the lives of companion animals. 

SOCA Adoptables

Our Mission

Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County (SOCA-FBC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. SOCA-FBC is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of companion animals and promoting responsible pet ownership in Fort Bend County, TX. Our 100% volunteer organization helps sick/injured animals, urgent or needy shelter pets, and community animals needing to be re-homed. We render assistance to our local shelters. We believe that becoming a community that cares for its pets starts with Education, Assistance and Accountability. We rely 100% on contributions from the public and your generous support in providing foster homes for the pets in need.

Little Caesar’s Pizza Fundraiser

Order one or more pizzas from Little Caesar’s to help SOCA-FBC raise funds to benefit homeless pets in Ft. Bend Co.
Pizzas ship directly to you anywhere in the US.

Order deadline is November 15. Thank you for your support!

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Thank you to recent SOCA supporters!

Thank you to BISSELL Pet Foundation for their grant awarded in August that will help pay for pet spay and neuter costs. Their generous contribution was almost $7,000!

As our animal intakes more than doubled during the pandemic, in March this year, PetSmart Charities awarded SOCA a generous $1,000 grant to help cover additional animal care costs.

Petco Love (formerly Petco Foundation) has been a strong supporter of SOCA for several years. In April this year, they sent us a very generous $8,000 grant to help cover the increase in medical and adoption expenses.

We also thank a new supporter, Bow Wow Buddies Foundation! They award grants to help cover medical costs for serious conditions – and they really helped one of our recent intakes, Coal, a Labrador retriever, who came to us with several serious medical conditions that are treatable. Thanks to Bow Wow Buddies, Coal was able to receive his first successful surgery.

Enhance your resume – consider SOCA leadership

Needed: SOCA Social Media and Volunteer Coordinators

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community and work with other pet enthusiasts? Are you looking for a regular paid job that requires some experience in coordination/leadership, the ability to meet deliverables on schedule, and communication skills? Would you like to enhance your resume?

You can accomplish by volunteering with us part-time for a 9 – 12 month commitment.

See current SOCA job openings.

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