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Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County

SOCA – FBC is a non-profit, 501c3 organization run solely by volunteers dedicated to saving and improving the lives of companion animals. 

SOCA Adoptables

Our Mission

Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County (SOCA-FBC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. SOCA-FBC is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of companion animals and promoting responsible pet ownership in Fort Bend County, TX. Our 100% volunteer organization helps sick/injured animals, urgent or needy shelter pets, and community animals needing to be re-homed. We render assistance to our local shelters. We believe that becoming a community that cares for its pets starts with Education, Assistance and Accountability. We rely 100% on contributions from the public and your generous support in providing foster homes for the pets in need.

AmazonSmile discontinues donations based on customer purchases

Many of our supporters have designated SOCA-FBC as their AmazonSmile non-profit charity when making purchases – where Amazon sends SOCA .5% of your purchase. The past few years, we’ve received a significant amount of money from you via that process, for which we’re very thankful! Last quarter 2022, the donation was over $500. And to-date, we’ve received over $6,300 from AmazonSmile.

Amazon recently announced that they’ll discontinue the .5% of purchase non-profit donation by late February 2023. Instead, they’re promoting their non-profit Wishlists, which they’ve always had – and SOCA has Wishlists for our foster dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.

We ask that you continue SOCA support by periodically buying items from our Dog and Cat Wishlists.  See SOCA Wishlist post for details on how to buy and have delivered to SOCA.

SOCA-FBC animal data reporting

Shelter Animals Count is a national centralized, standardized database for animal rescue/sheltering statistics. Statistics are very important for organizations that provide animal welfare services and for those that provide funding for these activities.

SOCA-FBC has been participating in reporting since 2017.  We’re working to finalize our 2022 data.  See our last post for 2021 animal data.  Search our posts for previous years’ reporting.

Thank you to recent SOCA supporters!

SOCA-FBC is very grateful for the continued support that Houston PetSet has provided over the past few years, including help with our transport van. This fall, we received a generous donation from HPS for 2023 to help us continue moving homeless and shelter animals into foster families, providing medical care for them, and placing those animals in forever homes. Follow Houston PetSet on Facebook.

We’re very thankful for Petco Love’s on-going support and partnership with SOCA! The latest grant they provided was to help us care for harder-to-place dogs at temporary boarding facilities until we could find loving homes for them. We’ve since been able to move all of our boarders into foster or forever homes! Follow  Petco Love on Facebook.