Happy Tails & Success Stories

Some of our favorite transformations and happy endings:

Dog Transport – June

SOCA had another successful transport of our rescued dogs and cats on June 23rd to the Midwest area: Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

Dog Transport – April

SOCA left on April 21st to deliver our precious cargo to their adopters along the south and east coast – it was a long drive!. We adopted out 11 dogs to forever homes in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts – we couldn’t be happier with the turn out!
We love our out-of-state adopters and our transport drivers!


Juno is an English Bulldog – her breed is dependable and predictable, a wonderful family pet, people-oriented who actively solicits human interaction and makes fine a watchdog.

Juno came to our organization as a breed mother that had “served her purpose,” and was no longer desired by her breeders. She is a sweet and loving soul. She found her forever home in the Seattle area, traveling to Washington on our SOCA transport van. Her new home is a loving family that reciprocates her affection.

Her worth is no longer measured by the pups she can produce but instead by the snuggles and snorts she freely shares.


Rosemary was found tied up in a garbage bag and set out to the side of the road during the freeze in February.  She was badly matted and was in need of medical treatment.  One of our volunteers was able to take her in temporarily after she was discovered crying out for help by a neighbor.   SOCA-FBC was contacted and of course we jumped in to action.   Rosemary was immediately taken into one of our vet partners who shaved her down and got her started on the road to recovery. Although this tiny girl was treated so poorly by her people, this girl showed her foster mom and the rest of the world her fighting spunky spirit and her desire to just be loved.  After a short time in foster care, sweet Rosemary was adopted and has continued to show everyone what a beautiful soul she truly is.


Ryker came to SOCA January 2019 as an owner surrender –only 3 months old, he was covered in poop and dirt and unable to use his back legs. We don’t know how he obtained his spinal injury, but from the start, he was determined to live the most normal life he could. Ryker’s first foster family worked with him – exercising his legs and helping him recognize that his back legs were there, he slowly started to use them – and little by little, he put weight on them. Fetch started with Ryker’s foster mom carrying his back end in a sling and his foster sister throwing the ball for him to chase, with mom following behind. Within a couple of weeks he didn’t need the sling anymore! He would wobble and hobble to get that ball, but man did he get there!

At the same time, Ryker went to the vet for physical therapy, where he made tremendous strides in his recovery. Water treadmill therapy was a large part of his recovery and success. When Ryker was ready to move to his next foster family, he became what we call a “foster fail,” because his new fosters adopted him!


Night was turned into Rosenberg Animal Control in May, and SOCA-FBC pulled him from the shelter. In July, his new dad Eric, a Sam Houston University graduate, adopted him. Night now weighs 14 lbs and is living his best life!


January 16, 2019: There sat Rose in a cold field on a dark country road with over 16 lacerations all over her body. A good Samaritan picked her up and immediately posted for help. Rose spent hours at an emergency vet getting her wounds cleaned up and then to Fort Bend County Animal Services to plead for a foster. With the power of social media, a medical foster was found with SOCA-FBC, and Rose was rushed to VERGI Houston for emergency and specialized veterinary care. She underwent hours of surgery repairing her wounds, had frequent dressing changes, had 4 drains placed, and had round the clock medications. She was released to her medical foster and slowly healed. She had over 900 followers rooting for her recovery. Fast forward to July 26, 2019: Rose found her forever family. She is living the life with a retired dad by her side, a mom that spoils her, and a teenage boy that loves her like a baby sister.


This poor little sweetie was brought to the shelter during the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.  He was in very bad condition with mange, a skin infection, intestinal parasites; and he was extremely underweight. SOCA-FBC quickly pulled him into a wonderful foster family and began his medical care.  His transformation was remarkable and he was adopted by a great family!


Elliot was a senior stray schnauzer brought to the shelter, and who had evidently suffered years of neglect.  He was so heavily matted that we couldn’t tell what kind of dog he was, and his nails were overgrown making it difficult for him to walk.  He also had a mouth full of rotted infected teeth making it difficult to eat. SOCA-FBC pulled this precious boy and began his treatment. Elliot was super sweet and had to be on antibiotics before he could even be fully sedated to be groomed.  His amazing foster fell in love with him and adopted him.  However, due to his advanced age and cancer, he only had 5 short months.  But these were the happiest days of his life and he crossed the bridge in his foster’s loving arms.


Our miracle boy Carl was a ‘community stray’ living in Needville that everyone would give food to – but he belonged to no one. When they saw that he couldn’t walk and was dragging his back end, likely from being hit by a car, Animal Control was called, and he was brought to the shelter. SOCA-FBC quickly stepped in and brought him to a local veterinarian for x-rays and treatment. With a spinal cord injury, it was thought that he would never walk again and would always need diapers. We obtained a doggie wheelchair for him and started him on some medications. Amazingly, in his first foster’s home he started having some control of his bladder, standing, and WALKING, although wobbly! This amazing boy went to a second foster home where he received laser therapy, acupuncture, and some water therapy from veterinarians. He began to walk better and was adopted by the foster family. He no longer needs diapers, can run and play fetch, goes on walks twice a day, and is living a great life.


Jenni was a very sick little kitty at Animal Control and was going to be put to sleep.  SOCA-FBC pulled her from the shelter, cleaned her up, and treated her for a very bad upper respiratory and eye infection.  She blossomed into a gorgeous and healthy kitten.  Jenni was adopted into a great family.


Billy was at Animal Control with a broken jaw after being hit by a car.  SOCA-FBC pulled him from the shelter and brought him to the hospital where his jaw was repaired.  We also found his original owner and reunited him with his loving family!  They are so happy to have Billy home.


We first saw Faith’s story on the news, and were heart-broken that someone could be so cruel to an innocent animal. We immediately reached out to SOCA-FBC to submit an adoption application.  After Faith healed from her surgeries and we completed a successful home visit, we were able to adopt Faith (renamed Tipper)!

It’s been 10 months since Tipper joined our family,  and she has been the most wonderful 3-legged addition to our family!!  Tipper has put on about 8 lbs. since we adopted her, and she is pure muscle!  Tipper and our other dog Tug are the best of friends, and she is very gentle with our cats.  Tipper loves each of our kids, but seems to have a special relationship with our toddler.  Tipper is super laid-back, incredibly sweet, and loves snuggling with us.  Her favorite activities are sunning herself outside on the patio, then getting in the pool to cool off.  She also loves sleeping on the couch (a lot), car rides, and has finally discovered dog toys and how to play fetch!

We did a “Dog DNA” test on Tipper and found out that she is part Boston Terrier/ Staffordshire/ Boxer – bully breeds are the best!!  We are so thankful to have Tipper in our family; she is truly the sweetest dog we have ever had! – Brooke Martin

More celebrations

Everyone had a great time at Clancy’s Public House in Richmond. 6 dogs were adopted and some much needed funds were raised! There is another transport to Kansas in the works!

Bittersweet goodbyes. Our amazing fosters send their temporary babies off to a better life in Wisconsin. 18 Dogs were transported on 3/27/16

SOCA-FBC transported grey mama A005817 and her puppies along with a few other pitties to one of our partner rescues out of state on March 22. We have word from the rescue that their nursery is already set up and they are anxiously awaiting their arrival. We are so happy that the whole precious family will be safe!