2020 was a challenging year for everyone, including animal rescuers and shelters across the country. As shelters had to limit the number of animals they accepted, rescue organizations and the communities they serve stepped in. With your help, the Fort Bend community, Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County (SOCA-FBC) was able to find the needed number of foster families to temporarily care for homeless animals; and we were able to find adoption families offering forever homes.

In addition to community support, we received grants from some local organizations and national foundations. These grants were targeted to help SOCA-FBC increase the number of animals that we took in last year.

For the first time this year, SOCA-FBC volunteers worked closely with our neighboring shelters and community, to help spay/neuter over 125 community cats, and help setup and manage the colonies once the shelters sterilized the cats. Currently we help manage colonies in Richmond, Rosenberg, Wallis, Simonton, Fulshear, Katy, Orchard, Missouri City, and Sugar Land. Most of time, sterilization services were available, but when not, we used our own veterinarian partners at our own expense – these cats are included in our animal data below.

Adoptions: Dogs 491, Cats 460 = Total 951
68% increase over last year

Euthanized: Dogs 4, Cats 1 = Total 5
(severely ill or injured, recommended and done by veterinarian)
Passed away: Dogs 7, Cats 29 = Total 36
Reclaimed by owner: Dogs 7, Cats 1 = Total 8
Lost in care: Dogs 1, Cats 0 = Total 1
Transferred to another rescue: Dogs 4, Cats 2 = Total 6

Returned to field/community cats (at our expense) = 10
Our first year to participate in community cat spay/neuter

Total intakes: Dogs 551, Cats 495 = Total 1,046
73% intake increase over last year

Total live outcomes: Dogs 502, Cats 473 = Total 975

Our lifesaving rate (using ASPCA metric) has consistently been 93/94% since 2017
This year (975 live outcomes) / 1,017 all outcomes = 96%
2% increase over past years

We thank current and past foster and adoption families, our volunteers, and donors for your support. It is through your amazing efforts and generosity that we were able to save and find homes for almost 1,000 dogs and cats in 2020. To adopt, donate, foster, or volunteer please visit www.soca-fbc.org. Be sure to follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/soca.fortbendcounty.

Note: We also thank Petco sponsorship for our transport van, and Petsmart stores and families in the Seattle area who adopted a number of our animals during our first transports in October, November, and December.