SOCA is announcing our 2019 year-end animal statistics.

Adoptions: Dogs 276, Cats 291 = Total 567
17% increase over last year

Euthanized: Dogs 7, Cats 1 = Total 8
(All severely ill or injured, and recommended and done by veterinarian)
Passed away: Puppies 11, Kittens 15 = Total 26
Reclaimed by owner: Dogs 8, Cats 3 = Total 11
Lost in care: Dogs 1, Cats 4 = Total 5
Transferred to another rescue: Dogs 1, Cats 2 = Total 3

Total intakes = 604
Total live outcomes = 613
25% increase over last year

In care at end of year: Dogs 71, Cats 50 = Total 121

Our lifesaving rate (using ASPCA metric) – (613 live outcomes) / 652 all outcomes = 94%
Our lifesaving rate remains steady over the last 3 years

We thank all current and past foster families, volunteers, and donors for your support. It is through your amazing efforts and generosity that we have been able to rehabilitate and find homes for over 500 companion animals in 2019.

Many of our adoptable pets come from Fort Bend County Animal Services, but also as strays from the Fort Bend area. Many of these animals had medical and other issues making it unlikely that they would have found a home without your help.

To foster a pet, volunteer, or donate to SOCA-FBC to help homeless pets in need, go to