Hi! I’m Coal. I’m a survivor. In April this year, I was picked up after being hit by a car and my future looked pretty grim. I had an open fracture on one leg, and nerve damage on the other leg. I wasn’t microchipped, and I had a number of old wounds – but I can’t tell you how I got them.

Luckily SOCA saw my friendly personality and my will to live, and they wanted to give me a chance. Plus Bow Wow Buddies helped provide funding for my first surgery.

It’s been an uphill battle, but my foster mom knows that I have determination. She says that I’m super sweet and goofy – I always have a smile on my face, in spite of what I’ve been through and will be going through. Even when I had a compound fracture and was obviously is extreme pain, I gave tail wags and kisses to everyone who was trying to help me.

I’ve now had surgery on my fractured leg and am still recovering, but doing well. The vet says I need to have my other leg amputated when I’m strong enough for another surgery. I also tested positive for heartworms; however, treatment is standard and the vet expects success. I can’t wait to move past my leg surgeries and start heartworm treatment. Oh, yeah, and then I can be neutered.

When all this is done, I’m ready for my forever home – Whew!

In November 2021, Tripawds Foundation helped with the cost, so that Coal was able to receive his second successful surgery. Soon after, Coal was neutered.

In January 2022, Coal started heartworm treatment.

He is currently available for adoption waiting for his forever home.