These tips are from ASPCA’s Client Services team.

Most returns occur within two months post-adoption, and the majority of those happen within the first two weeks. Follow up with adopters 2 days, 10 days and 1½ months after they bring their new animal home. If your adopter doesn’t answer your call, leave a message and try again the following day.

Keep your follow-up conversations short, sweet, and friendly—while still asking the important questions. For example, some conversational-style questions that will get you the answers you need are:

  • How is your new pet doing?
  • Are you having any challenges with your new pet?
  • What do you enjoy most about your new pet?

Be prepared to address common issues. Every animal has their own personality and quirks, but it’s good to be prepared with tips and resources that new adopters frequently have.

If a concern should be escalated, contact your Foster mentor.