Before the pandemic, our usual annual dog intakes were around 275, and our cat intakes were around 315. When the pandemic and restrictions hit, our dog intakes increased to around 550, and our cat intakes increased to almost 500.

2021 presented challenges for foster-based animal rescue in Fort Bend County, TX. Area shelters continued to restrict intakes, due to several things, including transition to “no kill” facilities and reduced staff from COVID. As a result, SOCA took in more than our usual stray drop off/stray pick up animals.

In 2021, we experienced a significant reduction in our available fosters for dogs, as many people returned to their previous workplace environments. So, our dog intakes were down significantly from last year’s high. However, our cat intakes remained steady from last year.

When comparing our animal data to previous years, we decided to show our usual increase/decrease from the prior Covid-influenced year. We also decided to compare this year to our average for 2017-2019, because we think it’s more reflective of our progress.

In 2021 our transport activities really took off, and we were able to find forever homes for 62 dogs and 79 cats in other parts of the country – mostly in the Seattle area, thanks to our partnership with PetSmart Bellevue WA.

Our cat trap-neuter-moms and adopt-kittens activity continued to gain steam. Free sterilization services are often available, so we use them, and we don’t include these in our animal data reporting. We also started looking to Texas rural farms/businesses to match our TNR feral cats as barn cats – and these activities aren’t included in our animal data reporting. We look forward to being able to report on these activities separately with upgraded software.

With very generous support from local organizations and national foundations, we received support to help us care for area homeless cats and dogs. Grants were mostly to help SOCA-FBC increase the number of animals that we could take in last year. However, one was targeted to help with spay/neuter costs, and two more covered the costs of serious medical conditions.

2021 animal statistics

Adoptions: Dogs 181, Cats 424 = Total 605
36% decrease adoptions over last year – 18% increase over our average 2017-2019

Euthanized: Dogs 0, Cats 1 = Total 1
(severely ill or injured, recommended and done by veterinarian)
Passed away: Dogs 2, Cats 18 = Total 20
Reclaimed by owner: Dogs 1, Cats 1 = Total 2
Transferred to another rescue: Dogs 0 Cats 5 = Total 5
Returned to field/community cats (when not free sterilization, at our own expense) = 8

Total intakes: Dogs 162, Cats 506 = Total 668
33% decrease intakes over last year – 15% increase over our average 2017-2019

Total live outcomes: Dogs 182, Cats 438 = Total 620
36% decrease outcomes over last year – 17% increase over our average 2017-2019

Our lifesaving rate (using ASPCA metric) has consistently been 93/94% since 2017
This year (nn live outcomes) / nn all outcomes = 97%
Consistent with past years (1% over last year’s 96%)

We thank current and past foster and adoption families, our volunteers, and donors for your support. It is through your amazing efforts and generosity that we were able to save and find homes for over 600 dogs and cats in 2021. To adopt, donate, foster, or volunteer please visit Be sure to follow us on Facebook

Note: We also thank Petco Love sponsorship for our transport van, PetSmart stores in Ft. Bend Co. and the Seattle area for hosting most of our adoption events, Three Little Pitties transport services for supplementing our transport activities, and Ft. Bend families and those in other states who adopted a number of our animals during the year.