Happy Tails & Success Stories

We first saw Faith’s story on the news, and were heart-broken that someone could be so cruel to an innocent animal. We immediately reached out to SOCA-FBC to submit an adoption application.  After Faith healed from her surgeries and we completed a successful home visit, we were able to adopt Faith (renamed Tipper)!

It’s been 10 months since Tipper joined our family,  and she has been the most wonderful 3-legged addition to our family!!  Tipper has put on about 8 lbs. since we adopted her, and she is pure muscle!  Tipper and our other dog Tug are the best of friends, and she is very gentle with our cats.  Tipper loves each of our kids, but seems to have a special relationship with our toddler.  Tipper is super laid-back, incredibly sweet, and loves snuggling with us.  Her favorite activities are sunning herself outside on the patio, then getting in the pool to cool off.  She also loves sleeping on the couch (a lot), car rides, and has finally discovered dog toys and how to play fetch!

We did a “Dog DNA” test on Tipper and found out that she is part Boston Terrier/ Staffordshire/ Boxer – bully breeds are the best!!  We are so thankful to have Tipper in our family; she is truly the sweetest dog we have ever had! – Brooke Martin

Everyone had a great time at Clancy’s Public House in Richmond. 6 dogs were adopted and some much needed funds were raised! There is another transport to Kansas in the works!

Bittersweet goodbyes. Our amazing fosters send their temporary babies off to a better life in Wisconsin. 18 Dogs were transported on 3/27/16

SOCA-FBC transported grey mama A005817 and her puppies along with a few other pitties to one of our partner rescues out of state on March 22. We have word from the rescue that their nursery is already set up and they are anxiously awaiting their arrival. We are so happy that the whole precious family will be safe!